The Boston Spectrum has approximately 3,000 square feet of open space, holding 400 guests comfortably.

Specs and Common Uses:

The Boston Spectrum is a large modern building with approximately 3000 square feet of open space. This hall can accommodate about 400 guests comfortably but has held more for large events. We use this hall for our fund raising efforts. The majority of the proceeds from rentals are used for maintenance of this hall and of course payment of utilities. The remainder is used to fund the Greenock Volunteer Fire Company in the purchase and maintenance of equipment in order to provide Fire and Emergency services to Greenock, all of Elizabeth Township and surrounding municipalities. We will accept all criticism whether it is negative, positive or constructive in order to provide you the renter with the best experience possible for and during your event. We understand the importance of having a first rate facility that is able to meet your needs at the time of your rental. We will do all that we can to make that happen. We can set up the hall any way that you may require for your event including but not limited to:











Corporate Functions

Religious Events

Funeral Lunches

Educational Events


Rules and Regulations

Rules and Regulations for all hall rentals:

The Lessee will be responsible for all breakages, losses, damages or contractual violations.

The Lessee shall be held lawfully responsible for any of the above mentioned occurrences.

The Lessee must remove any and all of their personal property and any other items considered to be their property by the end of the contract period.

The Greenock Volunteer Fire Company / The Boston Spectrum will not be responsible for harm inflicted upon or injuries received by anyone through any person or persons affiliated with use of the premises or property.

Only existing fixtures may be used for decorating purposes. No tape, tacks or nails etc. are permitted. This includes tables, walls, ceiling or floor.

All events must be catered. No cooking will be done on premise (Insurance regulations prohibit this).

All special arrangements of tables and chairs will be negotiated with the Manager. (additional fees may apply)

When renting the Boston Spectrum you must use our contracted Bartender(s). If the event includes more than 125 guests, two bartenders must be used.

No sale of alcoholic beverages is permitted unless the lessee is licensed by the PLCB and can provide a certificate of Liquor Liability Insurance.

No underage drinking is permitted on the property. Children are not permitted in the bar area.

Proper identification may be requested and must be produced before any alcoholic beverages are served.

All tables must be covered with plastic, cloth, paper or some type of covering.

There is no smoking in the banquet hall.

Rental includes usage of main hall, bar area, kitchen and restrooms only. All other areas are off limits to all guests.

No use of confetti, glitter or rice is permitted in the hall. Candles must be contained; they cannot be free-standing.

The Greenock Volunteer Fire Company / The Boston Spectrum is not responsible for any personal losses on the property.

There will be no parking in Driveways or “no parking” designated areas. All food and beverages are to remain in the Banquet Hall area.

The Greenock Volunteer Fire Company / The Boston Spectrum reserve the right to terminate any function in the event of disturbances caused by guests. This is up to the discretion of the on-site manager.

All garbage must be gathered and placed in the dumpster at the end of the rental, some exceptions apply